Filtered Links.

How to create, generate, copy, paste into Text Saver, add a title, copy, add new and save Filtered Link.

Filtered Links are a great way to save complex filtered searches for quick access.

“What's inside.”

1. “Save Filter”, after creating the desired search through the filters, your now ready to create a Filtered Link, start by click on the button "Save Filter" at the bottom of the filters page, see (Image 3, button #19.).

2. “Html Code for Applied Filters” will open, the code we are after is in the dialogue box, see (Image 4, #1.) this is the code we need to copy, click inside the dialogue box will highlight the text, right click, copy.

 Save Filter


3. “Open Text Saver”, to open Text Saver click the nav-button "Admin Tools" see (Image 1, button block #7), click on "Text Saver", this will open a new page, right-click in the whitespace, click Paste. Now we need to give it a title, see (Image 5. blue box area) between the ">" and . Type in the name of your filter link, like, [Birth Year: 1740 to 1750, Last name: McClellan, Place: Scotland.], copy the code again from Text Saver, then click the browser tab to go back to the filter results, click on "Admin Tools" to open the nav, click on "Filtered Links".

 Copy/Paste Text Saver


4. “On The Filtered Links” page click on the "Add New" button, this opens a new page, see (Image 6.) right click in the white area (#4.) paste the text from "Text Saver" here. Now we need to add the search name in the box labeled "Search Name", see )Image 6. #3.), best practice is to use the same name you gave the link [Birth Year: 1740 to 1750, Last name: McClellan, Place: Scotland.] leave out any brackets. Look over your work before clicking "Save New".

5. “Save New ”, a button is now ready for you to click and you should see a green bar at the top with the words Saving, and the "Back" button will appear. Click this button and review your new Filtered Link.

 Add New Filtered Link


All finished, you just created your Filtered Link and it can be shared with other members.