"Buttons & Features, On Database Pages."

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This tutorial is about all the buttons that you see when you open a database, their placement, and function.

“What's inside.”

 Button Features


1. “Block of Buttons” contains the Add New for adding records to the database. Print Preview when records are selected, as in (3a.) you can see the results before committing to print, this is not very printer friendly. Filters are for doing searches giving you the ability to enter a birth year, dates, names, death date, places and much more, (see Image.3.). Show All, will restore the tables after doing searches or hiding fields. More, open a drop down and will reveal extra buttons that are used in conjunction with a selection, see (3a.) to print a detail view, change ownership or print datasheet, this is the best way to print a data selection.

2. “Up & Down Arrows”, using these buttons will sort the current table Up arrow for ascending and Down arrow for descending, very handy when you need to see what the last entry was.

3. “More”, open a drop down and will reveal extra buttons that are used in conjuction with selection, see (3a.) to Print Preview Detail View, Change Ownership or Print Data Sheet. The "Print Data Sheet" is the best way to print a data selection when used in conjuction with (3a.) in which you can make with multiple selections

4. “Left & Right Scroll”, is used to scroll the current table left and right.

5. “Hide / Show Columns”, nifty little tool for hiding columns in the current database, there a 39 columns in the genealogy tables,

see (Image.2.) (5a.)

6. “ClanMacLellanGenealogy”, when you see this link, it will fast track you back to the home page.

7. “Navigation Button Block”, this group of button open to drop downs and will fast track you to the different database pages and the Text Saver page.

8. “Admin Area”, this button is only visible to the admins.

9. “Signed in as”, your user name that your signed in with.

10. “Sign Out”, click here where you all done.

11. “Previous”, pretty straightforward, previous page.

12. “Go to page”, pretty straightforward, select a page, there are 1991 pages with 10 records each.

13. “Next”, pretty straightforward, next page.

15. “Current Date & Time”, again, pretty straightforward, reads internet date and time not your system.

 Show & Hide Columns


5a. “Show/Hide Columns”, if you want to see less columns, click on #5. un-check the columns you would like to hide, click "Ok" the window will close and now table view will be without the columns you selected. To restore all columns click #5 again, click "Show All", click "Ok", window will close and tabel columns are restored.

 Filter / Search


16. “Switch to advanced search mode”, this is the default search filter, I think the one I made is better and therefore advanced already.

17. “Apply filters”, applies filter as a search to the database selected.

18. “Clear Field”, clears the field of the selected line.

19. “Save Filter”, saves the filter which can be added to the Filtered Links page.

20. “Cancel”, clears the fields and returns you to the database table.

Now on to save "Filters" as Links, go to "Filtered Links"tab, below.