The "Admin Tools" group.

Log In's : Filtered Links : Add New User : Global Search : Text Saver : Admin Contact : DB Backup

Within the Admin Tools group members can access the "Filtered Links" and use the "Text Saver" application. Only Admins can see and use the "Log In's", the "Global Search", the "Add New User", the "Admin Contact" and the "DB Backup".

“What's inside.”

1. The “Log In's” database; contains records of all members who have logged in to the system, their IP address, username, date, time and access group.

2. The “Filtered Links” database; contains filtered searches that were saved for further reference and referral. Search filters can be saved, copied, and added the the Filtered Links by the "Add New" button.

3. The “Add New User” button is for adding a new member/user to gain access to the Clan MacLellan Genealogy Database, this can only be done by an Admin.

4. The “Global Search” button is for searching across all Databases, page has no pre-defined fields, you can use any word search.

5. The “Text Saver”, button will open in a new page and is used for keeping notes that can be saved to your own computer, it can then be reloaded, by using the "Choose File" and "Load Selected File" and you can start again, be sure to "Save Text to File" using the same name that's displayed when saving for a second time.

6. The “Admin Contact”, button is for accessing the Admin Contact Form Data.

7. The “DB Backup”, button is for backing up all databases in this system.