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There are 4 different projects: 

1. "MacLellan Trees” is a page to build your own Ancestry Tree, there are Shared Trees and the Great MacLellan Tree. 
"Tree Board” is a bulletin board where you can ask questions, find help and find how to contribute to Clan MacLellan Ancestry.  
"Membership” is a link to Clan MacLellan where you can apply for membership and have access to the members only website.
"DNA Project” links to the page where you can see DNA results, purchases a Test Kit and join the MacLellan/McClellan Project.
There are 4 different map categories: 

1. "Maps of Scotland” here you find old maps of Scotland and the Ulster Plantation, when opened, you can download.  
"Mapping Project” this will open a Google maps page, where you will find locations of former MacLellans/McClellans. 
"Interactive Map” links to a page on NLS and their interactive mapping system, here you can change map overlays by date and find locations, names and places that no longer exist, site is very friendly.  
"DNA Map" opens a new window to an image of the results of the MacLellan/McClellan DNA Project and their branches. 
Here you will find pages with links to researching sites and books of interest; we encourage you to submit your favorite sites in the Trees Board site, on the proper page. Any links you would like to share to help others in their endeavors to find source information will be greatly appreciated, helping each other reach our goals perfecting our family trees.
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